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110 N E 1st, McGregor, Texas 76657

     We have capability of molding a wide range of plastic type products, including lawn and garden, pet products, automotive, outdoor equipment and many other types of plastic products. Our Toyo Molding machines ranges from 90 to 500 ton. We have warehousing space available for our seasonal customers and customers who may use us as manufacturer, assembly, packager and shipping direct to their wholesale or retail stores.

Moulded, packaged, patented/trademark and sold by: PmP Inc. McGregor, Tx.
Pet bowl, ant-proof for dogs and cats
"THE MOTE" This is a wonderful item for pet owners who have problems with ants in their pet's food or water bowls. This bowl is a unique design that confuses the scout ant, doesn't use water or chemicals. The design of the bowl prevents the ants from getting to the food, no mess, maintenance free. This bowl unlike no other in the pet industry. It is moulded out of HDPE resin (non-toxic)You may already have an ant-proof pet bowl, but question is does it work?
Is it a mess to maintain, does it require water or some chemical that you have to keep adding around the bowl. If this is true you may want to try our pet bowl.   


Custom Molded Products

 Products that are moulded and packaged by PmP Inc. are all types of  Lawn and Garden, automotive and outdoor items.

One stop for all of your prototypes, mold design, molding, packaging and shipping needs.


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