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Plastic Molded Products Inc. was established along with Crow Packaging early in 2000. We started  molding & packaging plastic products in the early part of the year.

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110 N E 1st Street


  Our first Toyo injection molding machine. Our research on this brand of molding machines showed us that we could have a smaller tonnage, and have the ability to place large molds on the machine because of the tie-bar space. This has given us the edge we needed to be competitive with companies who have been molding for a longer time with older equipment. The size of a mold dictates the machine tonnage used in the process, not what tonnage it takes to mold the product in most applications. Therefore, the hourly rate for the time charged per machine is greatly reduced. In comparison a mold which would require a 750-ton in another brand it would require only a 500-ton Toyo.    


  We have been fortunate in the development of new products, which has allowed us to purchase more molding machines. The past several years has been very challenging due to increase in resin and packaging cost. Although we have been encouraged by our new product lines and packaging of them. We have recently added a new warehouse with more truck loading docks.
     Our goal for the up coming years are to increase our molding and packaging business. To search for new product lines and expand our operations. We own our real estate and have the ability and space to add new buildings and equipment as needed. 

     Please, consider us in your next molding and packaging venture. We look forward to working with you soon!

PmP Inc. McGregor, Texas

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